Meteor Camera

Here are some pictures of my first prototype meteor camera.

The components are:

Camera WAT 902H 1/2" CCD
Lens Cosmicar Pentax Aspheric 4mm F0.75 1/3" TS407E-ASP
Capture Card  TW-100 4 port capture card with 64 bit drivers

Windows 7 64 Bit

DC Iris Control WAT HC-01
Housing Jaycar  Aluminium External Camera Housing with Inbuilt Heater  QC3331 and QC-3337 mounting bracket
Power 10amp Power supply from Jaycar

Internal view showing the camera, lens and WAT HC-01 Iris control cable on the top.

Meteor Cam

The camera is mounted on the side of my observatory and is pointing south to keep the sun and moon out of the field of view.

Meteor Cam

First light meteor to celebrate the start of daylight savings : 2011/10/02 04:09AM


Video version (4.6 Mb):


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