Delta Sculptoris

Delta Sculptoris (Mag. +4.59) can be seen in the center of this image. Although its a triple star system, the closest star, Delta Sculptoris B is not visible in this image. However Delta Sculptoris C is clearly visible at the 11 Oclock position with a separation of 74 arcseconds and magnitude of +9.4. Many galaxies are visible in the background including IC5358, IC5353, IC5354, IC5350, IC5349, IC5362 and countless others.

Camera STL-11000M Scope AT12 IN
Mount Paramount ME Guiding Selfguide, 10 sec, Bin 2x2
Exposure 6 x 10 min L Total 1:00 Location Donvale
Date 2011-10-19    
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