M78 (NGC 2068)

Messier 78 (also known as NGC 2068) is a reflection nebula in the constellation Orion about 1,600 light years from Earth. NGC 2071 can be seen to the top right, NGC 2064 to the lower left and NGC 2067 just beow and to the right of M78 which is the bright area in the center. Warm night (19.7C at 01:00) No moon, clouds came in at 1am. Image needs reprocessing.

Camera QHY9 Scope GSO 8 RC
Mount EQ6-Pro Guiding WO Megrez 72FD, PHD, QHY5 Drift (-9,-51) over 1:05
Exposure LRGB 50:25:30:25, total 2:10 (subs 5min) @ -20C First 4 Subs at 10C Location Donvale
Date 2010-02-18    
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