NGC 3572

Located in Carina between Crux and Eta Carina Nebula, NGC3572 can be seen just left of centre in this image. Dark nebulas HMSTG348 and HMSTG345 can be seen at the lower right as well as RCW57e, NGC3603, RCW57w (containing NGC3584, NGC3579 NGC3582, NGC3581, NGC3586, NGC3576, vdBH47a and vdBH47c). Finally Planetary Nebula. Hf48 (PNG290.1-00.4) can be seen as a red smudge at the top of the image just right of centre. North is to the left. Taken over 2 nights remotely from Hong Kong.

Camera STL-11000M Scope AT8 IN
Mount Paramount ME Guiding Selfguiding, 20 sec bin 2x2
Exposure HaLRGB 60:40:50:60:40 (Total 4:10) Location Donvale
Date 2011-03-28    
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